12 Tips for Selling your Home in Tough Times

uncluttered bedroom

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Luckily, you can feel confident that your home will sell regardless of a competitive real estate market or stagnant economy. Consider these ideas to sell your home more quickly when the market is difficult.

  1. Clean thoroughly and remove clutter. Get a storage unit if you have to.
  2. Make necessary repairs and updates. Replace outdated appliances and repair the floors and roof as necessary.
  3. Stage your home with attractive furniture.
  4. Offer a carrot to help your home stand out and sweeten the deal. A home warranty, owner financing, or financial help with...

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Saving on Home Buyer Closing Costs

Business concept Hand hold white paper house and money broker background.

One set of costs that will quickly become significant to you when you're purchasing a home is buyer closing costs. Closing costs are the variety of fees charged to you by those involved in the sales transaction. Typically, these costs run from 2 to 4 percent of the sales price, but vary with geographical location and your unique situation. (more…)

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