Tips for Selling your Home in Tough Times

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As a seller, your priority is always to sell your home quickly, and at your asking price. Right now there’s no shortage of properties waiting an increasingly long time to be sold in what is a buyer’s market. So how do you give your property the edge? The cost of remodelling your property can rapidly mushroom, so keep things in perspective, especially as buyers will begin making alterations of their own as soon as the keys are handed over. With this in mind, Spence says it’s important to know what to fix and what to forget, how to draw up a...

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Saving on Home Buyer Closing Costs

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One set of costs that will quickly become significant to you when you're purchasing a home is buyer closing costs. Closing costs are the variety of fees charged to you by those involved in the sales transaction. Typically, these costs run from 2 to 4 percent of the sales price, but vary with geographical location and your unique situation. (more…)

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