ASK THE REALTOR – Dreaming of building a home?

Q:  We have owned several homes in subdivisions.  We are thinking of building a home on a small piece of land and hoping to have minimal restrictions.  We have no idea where to begin. 


A:  Building a home is not for the faint of heart.  It can be a grueling, yet rewarding undertaking. Financing is key to fueling your dream of building a home.  Some builders will take a Cost Plus approach, others will build the home on their land, or yours, with a full mortgage purchase in the end.  When selecting your land you will need to have a survey, you will need to contact a Soil Engineer for a percolation test (if there is not city sewer hook ups at the street) to determine if and where a septic could go, and how many bedrooms the site is eligible for.  Septic is set up on bedroom count, just to clarify.  Sometimes city water is available at the street, if not, spring water or a well are other available options.  Many like a well to water their acreage, but want city water supplied to the home if it is available.  Tapping into existing utility lines can be several thousand dollars, as do well sites. Septic sites can be approach $10,000+ depending on the size and location.  You will then work with an architect and builder to design and construction the home of your dreams.  That process can take 6 months to a year depending on weather.  Always allow for extra cost and time to finish your project.