ASK THE REALTOR – Why should I have a home inspection?

Q:  We are about to purchase a home and have heard we should hire a professional home inspection company to inspect the house.  My husband is really handy and is an electrical contractor.  Do we really need to go to the expense or trouble to hire an inspector when he can probably just look at the house himself?


A:  Have you ever heard the saying, “two sets of eyes are better than one”?  A professional home inspection is an absolute must when purchasing a home.  Home inspectors are specially trained and licensed by the State of Tennessee in their field.  They look for items you would never even think of, and stay current on codes, safety items, and other issues that can be concerning for a home owner.  The average cost of a home inspector is only a few hundred dollars.  Most inspectors want you to be present during the inspection so that they can familiarize you with important details of your new home.  You can expect to receive a report that is typically 30-60 pages in length.  It will have corrective items they suggest, as well as where your water main turn off is, and other valuable information. Even if there is nothing you would like the seller to repair, the information about your home is an invaluable reference tool.  Keep in mind, the inspection is only an opinion, but the information priceless.  Call several inspectors, read reviews, ask friends and families for references before hiring the inspector of your choice.