Meet Gabrielle Hanson

Gabrielle Hanson has been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Williamson Real Estate covers Middle Tennessee, or as most people say “within an hour of Nashville”.

In the residential marketplace,  I represent buyers as well as sellers, offering unique approaches to finding the ideal property and even selling properties in challenging economic conditions. Your transaction should be fun, exciting and loaded with detailed information so that you completely understand the process from start to finish and know what to expect.  You’ll experience ‘concierge service’ since being available to my clients on a moments notice, even to talk them off the cliff as we get closer to closing. I do not believe a buyer should ever get too emotionally attached to a particular piece of property so that they can make a prudent decision to walk away if the bidding increases too steeply. 1031 Exchanges are a large part of my commercial activity. With vast nationwide contacts I can find a client property in any major market in America.

My expertise lies in identifying trends in the retail and hospitality industries from extensive research nationally and globally. In an attempt to help my clients stay ‘ahead of the curve’ she travels the globe in search of the up and coming building designs and retail offerings.

I am a Principal Broker in the State of Tennessee, and is a Managing Broker licensed in the State of Illinois.